Light-Up Rubik's Cube Tries to Fix Something That Ain't Broke

The Rubik's Cube is a classic puzzle, one that's tough to improve upon. This electronic version tries, but it doesn't look like it succeeds on adding much value to the original.

Rather than twisting the sides around, on this version you push buttons and have the lights move. How unnecessary! What this does add is 5 additional games, so if you've ever thought that the Rubik's Cube could use that, here you go. Only $63! What a deal! [Boy's Stuff via Foolish Gadgets]

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You could have at least warned us that this 'Sponsored Survey' was 800 questions long and all focused on why Entourage isn't good any more and just how awesome are the new ads for True Blood...

Blah blah rubiks cube... back to filling out circles about whether I Strongly Agree/Agree/Neither Agree or Disagree/..