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Lighting Review: Berkeley Lamp II - 'The Only Lamp Designed By Science'

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Gadget: A lamp with two bulbs, both dimmable, that provides a 50% energy savings over incandescent lamps, an extra 120v port on its base to make up for the one it takes up, and a choice of either 5500K daylight bulbs or 3500K sunset bulbs. It's patented by Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, which is the oldest national laboratory and is responsible for a bunch of cool research. The Price: $289


The Verdict: Probably the best lamp we've ever used. The light is a bright white, which is both inviting and soothing. The upper "room light" is bright enough to illuminate an average living room—no small feat for a desk lamp—so it's definitely more than enough for bedrooms and offices. The lower task light is plenty bright enough for any detail work you want to get done, from studying to hacking your PSP. The extra outlet on its base is plenty useful for any other devices you need to plug in, and the base itself is HEAVY. No mere stiff breeze would knock this over; it requires a stiff shove from a man who could do with skipping a meal. The lamp comes with a 3-year fixture warranty and a 2-year bulb warranty. For $289, it's not a cheap lamp, but it's a quality lamp. If we had unlimited money, all our lamps would be Berkeley Lamps. Science + Lamps = Good. [Berkeley Lamp]