Lightning Review: Lego Egg Timer

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The Gadget: Lego Egg Timer.
The Price: $7.99
The Verdict: It's cute. It's makes a wonderful tic-tock noise. It helps you do roasted lamb and chicken and Beef Wellington and cakes. It's Lego. Really, it can't get any better than that. I only wish it could do more than one hour.

I bought the Lego Egg Timer while visiting Legoland in Denmark, at the end of my visit to the Lego factory. Since then I've used it many times and its design doesn't cease to entertain me. The top half of the mini-fig head rotates as it counts time, changing the expression as the minutes pass. Nothing else can be said about it, really, except that it's cute and it works great.

By the way, I will resume the chronicles of the Lego trip next week, after giving you a week of respite. Coming soon: an inside look at how the Lego bricks and sets are made, how they are designed from concept to final product, and what it's like to work there, among many other things. Stay tuned. [Lego]