Like You Have Anything Better to Do Than Watch Someone Spend 66 Hours Assembling a Chainmail Shirt

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No one’s pretending that life in the middle ages didn’t suck. There was the plague, unceasing catapult attacks, and beheading after beheading. But watching Evan Snider painstakingly make a chainmail shirt by hand once again reminds us to be extra thankful to live in this century.

In addition to ten days of preparation and planning, the actual assembly of the shirt, made from hundreds of thousands of tiny copper rings that were opened and closed using hand tools, took 66 hours to complete. The timelapse footage of the process, with one frame snapped every five seconds, still takes about 25 minutes to watch, and yet, it’s also kind of relaxing and soothing to see the 25-pound garment come together so slowly.

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]