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Linksys dropped a bit of news at CeBIT with the KiSS 1600 Network Media Player. This device includes an upscaling DVD player and connects to the HDTV via HDMI. The player can stream content through the home network to NAS devices or a PC. It also includes a USB port for streaming from portable hard drives, flash drives or portable media players. Most impressive is the list of supported codecs that includes DVD, WM9 HD, H.264/AVC, MPEG-2, 4, DivX 3.11, 4, 5, Nero Digital and XviD for video; WMA, WMA9, AAC, MP3 and Ogg for audio. Expect to shell out a very hefty $500 for this device.


Linksys KiSS 1600 Networked Media Player announced [Pocket-Lint]

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