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Lisse Q10: A PMP With Style

Illustration for article titled Lisse Q10: A PMP With Style

Yea, that is a personal media player. Sure, looks nicer than an Archos or iRiver. The Lisse Q10 has a 3 inch display and from the looks of it a slammin bod.


I'm hoping the screen is OLED, though I can't find any evidence of that anywhere. Rather than use a touchscreen, the device uses a retro dial to control the user interface. According to the Korean site it will play back your tunes for up to 20 hours and your assortment of video files for 8. Chances of it coming to the U.S. are slim, but I'm always one to appreciate a nice piece of PMP. [Lissie Lisse via Geeky Gadgets ]

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Anybody else think of this? (I read the title real fast . . .)