Listen to this Kendrick Lamar Song Instead of His New Self-Love Anthem

Kendrick Lamar released a track today called "i", his first new track since good kid, m.A.A.d city. It's... something else. It's upbeat and all about self-love and also just a little off. Listen to "Cartoons and Cereal" instead.


I embedded the new song above, but I think "Cartoons and Cereal" is one of the best Kendrick songs out there. It's in-your-face and raw and yet seemingly effortless in that way that makes Kendrick Lamar such a talented rapper. And it has never even shown up on an album. In fact, it still baffles me, two years after GKMC hit, that it didn't make the cut. It's not on iTunes or Spotify or anything either. You have to go to YouTube to hear this one. But it's worth it. [YouTube]


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Mind you, this track is a gem on two fronts: the rapper you expect to kill (Kendrick) does so, as does the rapper you don't expect ANY TALENT FROM AT ALL (Gunplay). It's, amazing.

"i" sounds like he's in a relationship with Erykah Badu.