Here's the petition to open up the PSX's RSX under Linux. This is why you should sign it: You see, when Sony announced that it was going to allow people to install Linux on their PS3s without going through backdoors, everyone rejoiced at all the possibilities of playing back DivX and using it as a DVR under Linux. But if you've gone through the process of installing Yellow Dog Linux onto your PS3, you'll note that something's missing. Namely, hardware support.


You see, right now the Linux on PS3s have no access to the RSX (the graphics processor), which means playing back DivX or using any kind of meaningful graphical app is out of the question. Not to mention emulation (SNES, NES) gaming or real gaming under Linux. So go over and sign that petition so we can actually use Linux for something useful.

Petition Page [PetitionOnline via The Inquirer]