Live-action Batman TV series is probably just a rumor for now

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An anonymous source claims Warner Bros. plans on developing a live-action Batman TV series after The Dark Knight Rises comes out. With Karl Urban (already playing Judge Dredd) possibly playing Bats. But don't go setting your TiVo just yet.

It's entirely possible that a live-action Batman TV series could happen at some point — we do know that The CW is looking for shows to replace Smallville after it ends — but this report seems very iffy. For one thing, there's a lot of emphasis on the idea that a main reason for doing a television show instead of another movie would be to allow Warner Bros. to recast the Joker:

It has also been mentioned that this is a way to re-introduce The Joker as a completely new version so not to step on Heath's memory/version, as WB knows this is a sensitive subject and believes that (The Joker) episode alone will rate through the roof as it will be a closed set with extremely very tight security to prevent any leaked footage.


It just sounds like something a fan would obsess about, rather than a television exec's deliberations. And then there's the fact that a powerful TV exec (whose name is redacted to protect his/her identity) is supposed to be involved — and this person supposedly helped to develop ER, Friends, The West Wing, The Mentalist and Two and a Half Men — except that The West Wing and ER were developed by John Wells Productions for Warner Bros. TV, while Without A Trace came from Jerry Bruckheimer Productions and other productions were developed in-house. And other than all of those shows being products of Warner Bros. TV, we couldn't find any other common factors in the producers behind them.

So yeah, I would take this with more than the usual grain of salt. [Comic Book Movie]