Live Bloggin' the Apple Announcement

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We've got a man on the inside. Hopefully we'll have a bit of info soon. The Apple store is now down, so expect some hardware announcements.

Cell traffic is closed in the room, but I suspect it's just Javits center sucktasticness going on. has some content up and our boy inside says it's just the usual junk.


WAIT - What's that? 2 New Powerbooks.
From Peter and his buddy:

15" and 17" . . . higher resolution screens 1440x960 / 1660 x 1050
new Power Macs . . . dual Core PM G5
apparently no performance gain on the new PowerBooks?
they have got to be freakin' kidding me
76.6 gflops on the dual core
up to 16 MB 533MHz DDR2 RAM — a RAM upgrade pros had been begging for
and, of course, PCI Express expansion slots, which makes sense
DDR 2 / PCIe are must-haves for the Power Macs because otherwise they're behind the just-announced iMacs
and the fastest video card available, Quadro FX 4500
Basically, lots of added value to the Power Mac line
but a disappointing PowerBook upgrade: it's roughly the same price, with only more pixels on the 15"/17"

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

From Mr. Lackman:

Holy crap!
New PowerMac announced!
It's called the PowerMac G5 Quad thats four G5 processors
can take up to 1TB of HD storage
So 16GB of DD2 SDRAM and can rock up to 1TB of internal storage!
You getting this?


MacWorld has a nice write up.

MacRumors sez:

new pricing on the 23-inch, down to $1299. The 30-inch will also get a price drop. The 30-inch will also get a price drop. That s it for hardware! But there s more...


New Photo software, Aperture.

Peter sez:

Aperture: "post production software for photographers"
so it's not a Photoshop killer, it's end-to-end RAW workflow


MacWorld sez:

Built specifically for pro photographers, Aperture features and end-to-end RAW workflow, and makes RAW as easy to work with as JPEG, according to Schoeben.

A feature called Stacks lets photographers group sequences of shots together based on the time between shutter clicks. The software features a full-screen workspace and a completely editable environment that can span multi-image displays.

A multi-image viewer lets you check images side-by side, up to 10 or 12 on a side, at magnifications up to 800 percent.

Aperture also sports essential tools like red-eye reduction, cropping, straightening and more, and features a non-destructive workflow and versioning capabilities.


I suspect it isn't free.

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