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Live From CES: Helix XM2go is... Slow

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Played around with the XM Helix, which is the Samsung portable audio player with an XM antenna in it. That means real, live XM while you walk around—none of that docking, record and listen later crap. The interface is not bad, the color screen makes the branded channels appealing and easy to figure out (hey, Ethel looks like college music!). And switching between live channels was pretty fast, but the rest of the features... lagged. I tried out the XM + Napster feature, which lets you bookmark a song so that you can go online and download it later. There was a long pause while it bookmarked. So, the interface needs some work. You can store 50 hours of programming, or fill it with some MP3 files. There is a 10 minute memory buffer in case you, uh, missed something. There is a TuneSelect feature that will alert you whenever one of your favorite artists is played on a different channel. Doesn't this, in a way, become a channel if it would just switch automatically? I guess this is one of those weird legal workarounds to giving me what I want—a channel that plays only my favorite artists. Look for XM2go first quarter of 2006 for $399.


Photos on the way...

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