Live From CES: JVC eAvinu

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Along with Sony, Pioneer and a few others, JVC is pimping a GPS-slash-car audio device. This one is not nearly as full featured as Pioneer's, but it's got some things going for it. The 3.5-inch TFT touchscreen is windshield mountable. The KV-PX9 has a 20GB internal HD. 13GB is for navigation, the other 7GB is for movies, photos and MP3 (or other formats) of music. There is an SD slot on the side for memory, and a USB 2.0 port as well. There are two different map views offered: 2D aerial view or 3D through-the-windshield view. There are stereo speakers on this thing, but you will definitely want to route it through the car's head unit. The music, it should be noted, is converted using JVC's proprietary "CC Converter that enhances the sound quality of compressed music files." Anyone got details on what this is and whether it's any good? The battery is good for three hours, and there is a car charger included. Available in March for $799.


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