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Living Batteries Will Perform Better After Three Snickers Bars and a Coke

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Researchers have shown off a prototype of a new biological battery cell, which produces energy in the same way we do—by breaking down sugars and fats into something a little more useful.

The prototype biofuel batteries are powered by mitochondria, the tiny biological components that digest our food and power the cells of our bodies. A layer of these, sandwiched between two layers electrodes, resulted in usable power being generated after the brave little mitochondria were fed with sugar or waste cooking oil.

Shelley Minteer, Ph.D., said of the new cells "When further developed, these devices have the potential for replacing disposable and rechargeable batteries in a wide variety of consumer electronics and other products. It is the first such device based on one of the microscopic parts of the billions upon billions of cells that make up the body." [Newswire via Inhabitat]