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Yes, another iPhone/iPod touch dock speaker that looks like the iPhone or iPod touch. But the Logic3 i-Station is not any dock because, grab onto your underpants, it can rotate. Rotate. Ro-ta-te, people, so you don't have to "strain your neck," like the press release says. You don't believe me? I'm not surprised. Check out the explicatory diagram by yourself.

Illustration for article titled Logic3 i-Station Rotate iPhone Dock Speaker Does Precisely That

See. Vertical. Horizontal. Now vertical, the horizontal. Simple as that. And like Logic3 says for only $130, you also get other good features like "compact, loud and packed with the latest technology". Thankfully, it has other specs as well:

The i-Station Rotate also features: - TDMA noise suppression technology to remove static interference noise when your iPhone rings or when surfing the web - Video Out function for iPhone and iPod, meaning video’s can be displayed directly on your TV - Remote control with iPhone/iPod Menu navigation - 10W Audio output power (5W + 5W RMS) and power efficient Class D Amplifier for superb sound quality at high volume - 4x AA battery power for use outside and at home - 3.5mm Stereo line-in socket, meaning a wide range of other media devices can be connected - A carry case for safe storage and easy portability Technical Specification - Rotating Dock Mechanism to allow Videos to be played on iPhone, iPod touch or iPod nano 4G - Video Out Function for iPhone / iPhone 3G, iPod nano 3G / 4G, iPod classic and iPod touch 1G / 2G. - TDMA Suppression Technology - Provides charging for iPhone/iPod - Audio output power: 5W + 5W (RMS) - Power source: Mains adaptor or 4 x AA batteries - Speaker drivers: 1 x 2” Mid range driver + 1 x 1” tweeter driver for each Channel - Remote Control with iPhone/iPod Menu Navigation - Low Battery Power Indicator System - Volume Level Display on iPhone/iPod - Power Saving Sleep Mode - 3.5mm Stereo Line-in for playing other audio devices including iPod shuffle, MP3, or CD players. - Freq Response: 200Hz – 20KHz - Unit size : 12½”(W) x 5”(H) mm x 2”(D) - Unit weight: 1½ lb.

Fortunately for everyone, this is arriving soon: January 2009, so remember to move Xmas to February this year. [Logic3]

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