Logitec WiFi Skype Phone Lets You Talk Wherever There's WiFi

Logitec's getting into the WiFi Skype game and releasing their own me-too phone. Again, this Logitec is the Logitec of Japan, not the Logitech (with an H) of the US. Fortunately for Skype phone collectors like me, this is just an OEM of the Belkin Skype phone, but in white, like SMC's OEM version.


The Skype phone will be available in Japan and uses either 802.11b or g to place its calls. The phone also supposedly has Bluetooth so you can hook this up as a handset for your computer, but we're not sure how useful that feature will be. Read up on our thoughts on this model of Skype WiFi phone here.

Logitec's WiFi Skype phone [Akihabara News]

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