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Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Includes Keyboard and USB Hub

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Logitech's ergonomically designed $100 Alto Cordless stand has three high-speed USB ports for high-powered peripherals, plus integrated wireless technology to connect to the included keyboard. As a nice touch, it folds up into a tidy rectangle for stowing or lugging around. My only beef is, why sell a wireless-enabled USB dock with a cordless keyboard, but not a cordless mouse? Or is that next in the Logitech bag of tricks?


Fact Sheet:

Logitech® Alto™ Cordless Notebook Stand
Take your notebook to new heights of comfort
Announcement Date: August 21, 2007 Shipping: September 2007
Price: $99.99 Available at:
Product Description
The Logitech Alto Cordless notebook stand offers notebook users an all-in-one solution for notebook comfort. The stand includes a cordless comfort keyboard and a USB Hub. To make people more comfortable, the notebook stand raises the notebook display to the optimal viewing level and distance, while the cordless comfort keyboard provides full-size keys for increased productivity and reduced fatigue. Three hi-speed USB ports add instant connectivity for favorite peripherals — such as cordless mice and webcams. When not in use, the Alto Cordless snaps together to a compact size for easy storage.
Key Features
• Notebook display riser - Elevates the display for optimal viewing (better distance and height). With Alto Cordless Without Alto Cordless
• Cordless keyboard - The full-size, cordless keyboard features a full-size numeric pad and padded palm rest. Media and volume controls - and hot keys - provide quick access to frequently used controls and favorite applications.
• Multipurpose Hi-Speed USB hub - Three hi-speed USB 2.0 ports add connectivity for favorite peripherals.
• Clutter-free home - The Alto Cordless flips open for instant use on nearly any flat surface and snaps together for easy storage and transport. Built-in cable restraints help control cords and keep the workspace tidy.
System Requirements
Windows-based notebook PC Up to 15.4"
• •USB port
• Windows XP (all editions)
• Windows Vista™ (all editions)
• Note: Some USB devices with high power requirements may require an external power adapter (available for $19.99 at

5-year limited Warranty