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Logitech Audiostation Express Vs. Altec Lansing IM3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Our iPod Dock Battlemodo Round 2 has begun! The fights are quicker, dirtier and a lot more decisive—as the winner moves onto the final four. First up: the Logitech AudioStation Express vs. the Altec Lansing IM3.


Since its initial review, I've been a little infatuated with the AudioStation Express. So it's almost unfair for the well-crafted IM3 to enter the ring today.


While the IM3 may have clearer highs, it's tinny...and a bit tiny. The entire sound experience is more rounded on the Logitech while listening to Sufijan Stevens' Chicago, and the battle isn't even close. Because as far as I'm concerned, the IM3's sleeker form is canceled out by the AudioStation's video-out and still-diminutive size.

WINNER: Logitech AudioStation Express