Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Helps Race Fans Shift Gears

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Many virtual rev-heads knew it was coming, but Logitech has now officially replaced its G25 Racing Wheel with the G27. The update adds shift-indicator LEDs that you help know when to up/down gear, and more programmable buttons on the wheel.

The 11-inch, leather-wrapped wheel now has a total of six buttons (three for each thumb), compared to just two previously. This, and the shift-indicator LEDs on the six-speed gear stick are the core of the updates. Dual-motor force feedback returns, along with steel gas, brake and clutch pedals.


The G27 works with supported games under Windows XP/Vista, and on the PS3 or PS2. It should be available this September, for the same $299.99 asking price as its predecessor. [Logitech]