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With a name that sounds like it came out of American Gladiators, the Logitech S530 Keyboard and Mouse are designed specifically for the Mac. You'll be getting that totally awesome all-white finish, as well as decent peripherals for your money. The keyboard comes with dedicated iTunes controls and a totally insane battery life: 6 months. The mouse is just a basic laser mouse with side-scrolling capability. Both the keyboard and mouse are not Bluetooth-compatible, but use high-end USB receivers to keep it real on your desk. How much will it cost for a handsome set like this? $100, which isn't too steep and the battery life alone is worth it. Don't forget, it'll look great with your Mac. It'll drop in March, so keep waiting.

Logitech Cordless Desktop S 530 Laser for Mac [Live Digitally]

Pre-orders for Logitech S530


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