Logitech's Harmony 300 Universal Remote Swings In At Under $50

Illustration for article titled Logitechs Harmony 300 Universal Remote Swings In At Under $50

No longer will you be forced to pay out $100 for a quality universal remote. Reign control over your lounge room with your very own remote—without it costing an arm and a leg.


When it's first taken out of its box, it works by connecting to your computer and once you enter the devices you wish to control with it on MyHarmony.com, it works its magic and will suddenly be compatible with just about anything in your lounge.

Only one button has to be clicked—the Watch TV button, funnily enough—to turn on the TV and cable box together. On sale in April for $49.99, it'll be available in both the US and Europe. [Logitech]

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If you have people in your house that can't figure out how to turn everything on and set the right inputs, the Harmony remotes are a godsend— when I was using my PC to play back BluRay, my roommate could never work out how to turn everything on, set the right inputs, and start PowerDVD and get it running. With a Harmony 520 and an hour of scripting on the PC, he could hit "Play BluRay" on the Harmony and it all just started up.

I do recommend the remotes with screens, because that allows you to add either custom buttons or scripts to the system— need a button for aspect ratio? Just add it. Want to automate the sequence to shuffle music off your Xbox media center? No problem.