Lonely Kids Can Battle This RC Helicopter's Autonomous Robot Turret

Illustration for article titled Lonely Kids Can Battle This RC Helicopter's Autonomous Robot Turret

The only thing better than one RC toy, is two RC toys pitted against each other in battle. But if you're a kid lacking in the friends department, Air Hogs new Battle Tracker lets you go toe-to-toe with a robot turret that tracks your chopper and fires back.


The RC helicopter fires 7 small foam discs that will knock the turret out of commission if you're on target. But accuracy is only half the challenge because the A.R.T.—or Automated Robotic Turret—automatically tracks your flight and fires back with 12 foam arrows of its own. It makes the Battle Tracker set ideal for playing by yourself, but it isn't limited to just one player. On the back of the turret is a second remote that lets someone take manual control of it, turning the battle into a two-player skirmish.

Unfortunately with a $100 price tag kids are probably going to have to wait for the Battle Tracker to show up as a birthday or Christmas gift. But that's ok since Air Hogs isn't releasing it until sometime in the Fall, closer to the holiday season. [Air Hogs via DadDoes]


It's all great until the helicopter takes it's first hit of a dart and goes down. $100 down the drain real quick. Any of those RC copters I have owned never would work properly again after 1 or 2 crashes. Just like a real helicopter!