Take a stack of car batteries, design a bicycle around it, and you have the build-it-yourself LongRanger electric bike, whose practicality certainly outdistances its dog-ugly appearance by a country mile. In the video, marvel at the quiet of this DIY electro-bike, and then check out this shot, giving you a good idea of just how fugly this sucker really is:

Illustration for article titled LongRanger Electric Bike Wont Win Any Beauty Contests, But Itll Get You There

Never mind its lame-ass looks, it gets good mileage on a charge—if you're commuting round-trip distance is 62 miles or less, you're in luck, because this unsightly cycle can go that far. It says here that you can even attach a solar charger to the thing, probably making it even more obnoxious-looking but more practical at the same time. Drop 15 bucks for the plans, go to a junkyard and get some parts, and you're in business. [Atomic Zombie, via Gizmo Watch]


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