Looks Like the Spotify Hype Worked: Service Spots Itself 70,000 Paid Subscribers In One Week

Turns out a massive marketing push works wonders for your bottom line...if you happen to be Spotify, that is, and can also deliver a much-hyped, well-designed music streaming service (I'm using mine right now!).

Case in point, Billboard Editor Bill Werde crunched some numbers this week (or read some emails from his "sources") and claims that the formerly Europe-only music service managed to create 70,000 paying subscribers from the U.S. ether in the first week. That seems like a lot, I think, but is it really?


Thankfully, we have some context: In Europe, the service has managed 1.6 million subscribers in two years. Signs and portents seem to indicate that if we Yanks follow the same pattern as our European counterparts, Spotify will be well on its way to selling plenty of those $10/month subscriptions.

In other news, how about hyped web-based product launches, huh? First Google+ with its 20 million users and now Spotify. Perhaps the whole tech bubble 2.0 bursting thing only applies if your service is a pointless piece of junk? [Bill Werde via All Things D]

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