Lost in Space Has Found a Second Season in the Stars, Here's the Teaser Trailer

When we’re lost in space, we strut.
When we’re lost in space, we strut.
Image: Netflix

“I won’t leave without him.” Danger, danger, Will Robinson—you’ve got a friend to save.


Netflix’s Lost in Space is returning for a second season, and this time all eyes are on the Robinson family’s most iconic member, Robot. As the season begins, the Robinsons are stranded in even more dire circumstances than before, and Robot is gone, leaving it up to young Will (Maxwell Jenkins) to spearhead a search for his alien friend, who might be their only ticket home.

The first season of this show, based on the classic Irwin Allen-created series from the ‘60s, was beguiling and full of potential. The new season, based on this brief teaser, seems suitably compelling as a followup; grand vistas and deepening cosmic mysteries greet our spacefaring family. The Robinsons and their crew will be joined by JJ Feild (The Romanoffs), who will take on the guest role of Ben Adler, an academic contemporary of Maureen Robinson’s who serves as chief of advanced systems and artificial intelligence. So, just the kind of resource that might be useful for finding Robot.

As announced today at Lost in Space’s panel at New York Comic Con, the show will have 10 hour-long episodes, and will premiere December 24th on Netflix.

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Reading the comments below, I am struck by just how little people can place themselves in the shoes of others. ‘The Robinsons are stooopid!’ - no, they are brilliant, honorable people used to being around other brilliant, honorable people, and thus they are easy prey for a very clever psychopath. Not because they are stupid, but because they are trusting. They have no previous basis to distrust.

Secondly, the show itself was amazingly well written. The characters solve problems scientifically and rationally, without panic or foolishness. The Robinsons are shown as a loyal family of highly intelligent people working together in a smart way. The situations they find themselves in are not impossible, and the ecology of the alien world they are lost on is genius and well thought out. The entire backstory is brilliant too, told in flashbacks while the adventure drives forward.

I am left believing that a lot of people simply failed to understand what they were seeing watching this show. Nothing was spoon-fed, folks. This series expects you to pay attention and comprehend what the characters know, rather than what you - as the omniscient viewer - know. It expects you to be a little intelligent too. That is what good science fiction is about.

It isn’t the Robinsons in this series that are stupid. Not in the least. So many comments make me feel bad for the intelligence of the average viewer of this show.