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Lost Pet Parakeet Found Its Way Home By Telling the Police Its Home Address

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Squawk! Birdie's lost! Squawk! Take me home! In an amazing story of animal ingenuity, a lost pet parakeet found its way back to its owner by telling the police its full home address. The owner had trained the parakeet to squawk her address just in case the parakeet ever got lost.

The bird, called Piko-chan, accidentally left its house on Sunday morning in the Sagamihara district of Yokohama, Japan and found refuge in a hotel. The hotel handed the pet parakeet over to the police who kept it there until Tuesday night when the bird suddenly perked up and started talking. It was repeating "the names of the city and district where his owner's home is located" and saying the full address of its home complete with "home's block and street number". It wanted to go home.


Apparently, the owner had lost a pet parakeet before so in order to not lose another parakeet, she taught the bird how to remember and say her address. What a clever lost and found method. Definitely better than stapling pictures to a tree! [AFP, Image Credit: Feng Yu/Shutterstock]