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Lost Treasure Hunt Wants To Make Learning History Fun

Illustration for article titled Lost Treasure Hunt Wants To Make Learning History Fun

Not everyone was a big fan of history class growing up, and frankly most grade-school classrooms teach the material rather dryly. But history has shown that if there's one thing that captures a kid's attention, it's cartoons. And that's why the animators behind Lost Treasure Hunt want you to help them make their ambitious and educational show a reality.


The project is directed by Richard Bazley, who has worked on celebrated films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Hercules, Pocahontas, Tarzan, and The Iron Giant. Ghostbot, a San Francisco based studio, is handling the animation.

A few things make this project different than most, but one is that most of the work is already done. The National Endowment for the Humanities actually already raised the funds to fuel most of the work, but it couldn't cover everything. The team behind Lost Treasure Hunt still needs money to cover mastering and distribution, which is where we come in.


This project is also special in that there are even fewer days to fund this than normal. Because part of the funding will pay for the pilot's showing at the PBS Annual Meeting on May 12, they couldn't leave the page open for a full month.

As for the cartoon itself, it's unique in that it aims to take history seriously without sacrificing entertainment. It looks to be a fast-paced, National Treasure-esque story that will take viewers around the globe through the annals of history. But instead of Nicholas Cage, there are former Disney and DreamWorks animators heavily involved. And in the video, Bazley assures everyone that fans of Doctor Who and Sherlock will really enjoy the show.

Lost Treasure Hunt already has a deal with PBS to air the pilot on Columbus day, but if the kickstarter is fully funded, the show will reach an even wider audience.



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