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Luci Hands On: The Cheap Inflatable Solar-Powered LED Lantern

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Developed as an affordable and reliable solar-powered lantern that can be easily deployed to parts of the world lacking reliable infrastructures, the Luci also happens to be the perfect camping accessory since it's lightweight, durable, waterproof, bright, and collapses as flat as a pancake.

Looking like a translucent cylindrical beach ball, the Luci can be deployed with just a couple of quick breaths, and a built-in lithium-ion battery holds enough charge to keep the lantern's ten white LEDs glowing for up to 12 hours on its dimmest setting, or six if you crank the brightness. On the underside you'll find a simple solar cell that will completely recharge the Luci's battery in six hours of sun or artificial light, but that's your only option. There's no USB port, and the battery is most definitely not swappable.


Probably the best feature of the Luci is its price. You can get one for just $20, but for every lantern purchased the Mpowerd will donate another one to aid organizations around the world. So you're not only getting a brilliant camping accessory—or a great addition to your car's emergency kit—you're also helping someone in need. Can you say that about your 4K 3D curved TV?