Luckiest Kid Alive Directs Air Traffic at JFK

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Click to view On February 17th, an air traffic controller let his little boy take the reigns for at least five transmissions to commercial jets at JFK International. This was terribly dangerous breach of protocol! And so totally awesome for the kid.


So many questions here: why'd the pilots go along with it? How could the air traffic controllers have possibly thought this was a good idea? And has there ever been a better Take Your Child to Work Day?

The involved parties have been suspended (and/or sent to bed without dessert) while the FAA investigates. In the meantime, let's all breathe a sigh of relief that no one was hurt, and wave a fist of anger that we didn't get to play. [CBS News]

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I'm just gonna come out and say it: this is bullshit. The kid was obviously being supervised, nobody got hurt, the pilots appeared to be amused, and whoever employs the ATC and his supervisor are obviously overreacting hardcore.