Luckiest Stunt Pilot Ever Miraculously Avoids a Crash-Landing After His Engine Dies

If you’re even remotely anxious about flying, don’t watch this video without a change of pants close at hand.


While practicing a series of stunts, the engine on pilot Chad Barber’s biplane died during a steep climb, causing it to immediately stall and make a direct, terrifying detour back to Earth.

After leveling out, the plane essentially become a glider without a massive set of wings to keep it safely aloft. Barber tried again and again to bring its engine back to life. He finally succeeded moments before he would have had to make an emergency landing on a road that looked very un-friendly to planes traveling at high speeds.

As he pulls the plane out of its descent just in the nick of time, you can finally hear Barber react to the incident with a mixture of relief and shock in his voice.


Is anyone else only planning to take Greyhound bus trips across the country from here on out?

[YouTube via Geekologie]

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Didn’t look unfriendly at all, in fact that would have be an absolutely perfect place to land (that green field would have been fine as well), not to mention an incredibly easy landing. As a pilot, you are blowing this wayyyy out of proportion. This is about as best case scenario as it gets for an engine out landing.

Edit: Also this would not have been a crash landing, he would have just simply landed on the road or the field. Would be more inconvenience than anything.