Luke Wilson's Droppin' Post Cards on Verizon Wireless

When I think escalating mega cellphone carrier ad war, I think actor Luke Wilson. Oh wait, no I don't, and yet here he is, again, striking back on behalf of AT&T against Verizon Wireless.


Now, good on AT&T for fighting back with more ads and not more silly lawsuits and all, but the Verizon holiday ad lineup is pretty strong, and I don't see many Verizon customers losing sleep over Luke Wilson covering a giant coverage map with post cards.

As tipster Eric notes, AT&T selectively does not mention Edge, 3G or voice/data distinctions in this commercial, opting instead for vague blanket statements like "AT&T covers 97% of all Americans, that's over 300 million people."

To the AT&T customers I ask: Are you comforted by Luke Wilson?



I was confused as hell by that statement of "AT&T covers 97% of all Americans..." I thought Verizon had a bigger market share than 3% of the cell phone market...Hell, I thought Alltel, before it was bought out by Verizon, had more than 3% of the nation's cell phone market.

Maybe he's referring to AT&T's Landline service as well in that statement? Yeah. It's confusing statements like that which make me glad I no longer have service with them...I can just see trying to sign up for service with them now and the billing dept saying, "Well, since we have over 300 million people, we have to charge you so much more than everyone else to help pay for our huge network."