Lumigon T1 Sports Android Froyo and a Facelift

The suspect vaporware-cum-reality Android phone Lumigon T1 will run Android Froyo, its Danish manufacturer has revealed. The news arrived alongside a more official-looking render of the final product, seen here.


The design is different from what we saw last month, but not by much—the changes worth noting most are that the physical home, return and call keys have all migrated from the slider keyboard to the phone's face.

As for a specs refresher, here's what Kat dug up in late July:

[T]he T1 will have a 3.2" capacitive TFT touchscreen with a 480 x 320 resolution, a Freescale 1GHz i.MX51 processor, and will be able to output video at 720p via the mini HDMI port. A 5MP camera (with flash) is also on the cards. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS, an accelerometer and other such standards are included. Oh, it'll also boot up Android 2.1, too. Not too shabby.


Indeed, shabbiness has been reduced significantly. What the final product's shabbiness will be is still a mystery, however, as there's little news beyond this latest render and the Froyo confirmation to go by this afternoon. The October launch and September pre-order, as far as we know, are still a go. [Lumigon Facebook Page via <a href="]

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