M&C 15-in-1 - It's a portable media player... that's portable!

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It's nothing new that all-in-one devices typically don't handle any of their purported functions well. The M&C 15-in-1 portable media player is one such culprit, with functions like video and MP3 playback, MPEG-4 video recording, still digital camera, digital wallet, TV, and gameplay all jam-packed in one device, thus guaranteeing piss poor quality in favor of a smorgasbord of functions.

But what makes the M&C 15-in-1 portable media player unique is the sheer audacity of including basic features as part of the 15 functions. For example, a 2.5 inch LCD, 14 language choices, Mac and Windows compatibility, and—wait for it—a BATTERY, are deemed as actual "functions." So, the fact that a portable media player can be... portable, is thought of as a feature. Too bad they didn't count the box it came in—"Commercial Distribution Container INCLUDED!"

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