Mac Mini Kaleidoscope Project Leaked

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Lately I've been researching ways to add a Mac Mini to my home theater set, and maybe even replace my second-generation TiVo in the process. Now it looks like I won't have to work very hard: Apple is set to unveil a new Mac Mini at MacWorld that includes Front Row 2.0, DVR functionality and an iPod dock. This project is dubbed Kaleidoscope and will be aimed at the living room, according to ThinkSecret. The Mini will have Intel inside, like lots of other machines being unveiled at the show (six months sooner than expected). Processor speed and other specs are unknown, although it's a safe bet that the hard drive will be larger.

I hate to give up my TiVo—the remote control alone makes it a keeper. But TiVo Desktop has not panned out like I'd hoped, and I'm looking for a way to get my music library, photos and the DVR functionality on my living room set. So, what would you do—keep TiVo, wait for the Mini, or something else?

Road to Expo: Reborn Mac mini set to take over the living room [ThinkSecret]

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