Mac OS X Lion Apes Chrome OS After Recent "Restart to Safari" Mode

Illustration for article titled Mac OS X Lion Apes Chrome OS After Recent "Restart to Safari" Mode

While it's not the 1:1 comparison an initial glance would have you believe, MacRumors has discovered buried within Mac OS X Lion a "Restart to Safari" mode that's very similar to that browser-based OS from Google.


Indeed, on the Mac OS X Lion user lock screen, MacRumors has found an alternative log-in option that allows a user to access their computer using the Safari browser, instead of the usual login. In theory this would allow an unauthorized user to use the computer to browse the Internet and nothing else.

So, not nearly the experience a user would expect to see with a Chrome OS netbook or PC, but if you were a business or school looking to use a series of PCs as anonymous Internet kiosks, well, there you go. [MacRumors]



Title if fanboy rage bait. This is not a Chrome OS copy and is not meant to compete with Chrome OS.

To start with, you still need OSX, a full OS, to use "restart to safari" so nobody is going to look to this as a Chrome alternative.

Second, if anything, this seems more like some kind of "instant on" alternative to loading up the full OS that has been seen in many computers before chrome OS existed. But I don't even think it's good for that.

And third, it seems pretty useless anyway unless you want to let a friend/roommate use your computer without giving gthem access to your own info.

How is this "aping" chrome?