Made in Eureka Contest Results: iPhone Edition

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Apparently you all really want an iPhone. Who knew? Thanks for all the hundreds and hundreds of entries that you sent in and we had to sort through. Really. Thanks for that. Now, onto the winner.

Congratulations to Jordan Brough, winner of a brand new iPhone. His invention was the Tongue Jacket that lets anything you eat taste like anything else. Not only does he have a cool idea, it's very Eureka-like as well. Oh, and he did a great job with the art too. We'll forgive him for not having a nasal attachment, since a big part of taste is determined by smell.

Our honorable mention goes to Vic Soto with the iRing. Vic's professional renders (that's what he does for a living!) really convinced us that we need an iRing.


Thanks again to everyone who entered! And also, thanks again to Eureka, A Sci Fi Channel Original Series. Make sure to catch the second episode of the series tonight, at 9/8C.