Madman Manages to Build 20-Foot Tall Fire Tornado Without Burning Down His Entire Country

Colin Furze, the internet’s favorite inventor who always puts awesome first and safety second, has created what certainly looks like the largest man-made fire tornado ever built. Combining two of nature’s most destructive forces seems like a good idea, right?


Using an equally dangerous-looking homemade go-kart to spin a 20-foot-tall cage, Furze’s fire tornado generates a flame that’s so intense it’s able to light a bunch of fireworks crammed at the top, because this creation didn’t already pose enough of a fire risk. Shockingly, he didn’t end up burning down all of England with this invention.


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Still Cat from MA

This guy has a history of similarly insanely dangerous projects, usually filmed while he is using no protective gear. He is fortunate to still have all the pieces of his body still attached. I hope the same can be said of his admirers who attempt to copy his insane stunts, but then we probably will never know as they are not big social media stars.