Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Hits Japan (Updated)

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Japan's been struck with another earthquake, right smack in its center. Details are scant, but the immediate worry is if damage has rippled outward to already damaged and internally sensitive nuclear plants bruised by March's quake.


The USGS says the quake's epicenter is 89 miles from Honshu—at sea—which puts it 364 miles from Tokyo proper. No word on a tsunami threat yet. [USGS via Breaking News]

Update 3:56 PM EST: The Pacific Tsunami Center says no tsunami warning will be issued. This is an enormous relief.


Snake Charmer

Shoot! And he alignment hasn't even occurred yet. If you haven't read about this, Comet Elenin is scheduled to align with the Earth and sun at the end of September. This will put a lot of stress on the Earth, in much the same way that the moon pulls the oceans around. Some people think this will cause a large earthquake somewhere on the planet, hopefully not here in Cali. Reason they believe this? The last two large quakes, Japan and Chili, have occurred during previous alignments. Only difference here is that the comet is much closer to Earth this time. I got my bug-out bag ready.