Make in Eureka Contest: Win an iPhone

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Who wants a free iPhone? All you need to do is enter our Made in Eureka contest, where you come up with your own best invention akin to the stuff on the Sci Fi show Eureka and show it to us.


One of the previous entries we've had came from Vic Soto and his iRing, which allows you to control your various Apple devices (iPhone, iPod, computer) directly from your hand. This is the kind of invention we're looking for-kinda out there, but definitely cool if it were real.

Send all entries in to with the subject "Made in Eureka". Winner gets an iPhone of your color choice. Mock up something that illustrates what your product is and what functions it has, plus shows it off in a nice way. Check out Vic's entry above for inspiration. And no, it doesn't have to be Apple-related. In fact, it's probably better if it's not. Entries need to be sent by July 29 to be considered.


Sponsored by Made in Eureka.

Eureka premieres Tuesday, July 29 at 9/8c only on Sci Fi.

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Thanks for the love! I was last year's winner.

I thought the reason why I won was that I invented a fun sci-fi type thingy. Something that people in the fifties might dream about in their futuristic movies. I think that telling people that the iRing is an example of what you want is not "akin to the stuff on the Sci Fi show Eureka."

All you are going to get is Professional renderings of funky USB devices and iPod accessories. Come on people! Stop worrying about who's going to take your million dollar idea. That's not what they want! They want millipede sneakers or electric mustache curlers or knee cap laser gizmos.

Let's see some funny, creative stuff! You may have messed this contest up with this post, Giz!