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Make The Most of Your Mac's Thunderbolt Connectivity With Belkin's Long-Awaited Dock

Illustration for article titled Make The Most of Your Macs Thunderbolt Connectivity With Belkins Long-Awaited Dock

Making full use of your Mac's thunderbolt port has been an expensive business until now, with the only dock option being a $999 Apple display. Thankfully Belkin is finally releasing its Thunderbolot Express dock in September 2012.


In terms of functionality, it packs three USB 2.0 jacks, one Firewire 800, one HDMI, one Gigabit Ethernet, one 3.5-mm audio jack, and a pair of Thunderbolt ports (one for carrying 10Gbps bi-directional data to your laptop and the other for daisy-chaining another Thunderbolt device). Sadly, there's no USB 3.0, but it does provide an incredibly neat solution for docking your laptop.

There seems to be some disagreement on pricing, with The Verge quoting a $299 price tag, while TechCrunch claims that those details are as-yet unannounced. We'll keep you posted as the correct details emerge.


Update: The dock officially costs $299 [The Verge and TechCrunch]

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There's no HDMI from what I can tell, and lacking USB 3.0 is an insult for the price (though even having USB 3.0 would not help $300). Why bother having it connect to a port that offers gobs of data transfer capacity and just leave it with the same ports that come on your laptop? They're smoking crack, and the only thing it has going for it is the design continuity of the Mac peripherals.

As much as I root for the future of Thunderbolt, the price of the peripherals is really what's stifling it. Does anyone even make an external drive that doesn't cost many hundreds if not over a thousand bucks?