Make Toy Air Ships and Ray Guns from Old Tin Cans, and More from

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This week on TreeHugger, learn to take spectacular photos of the milky way, check out an all-wood bike (even down to the spokes!), bull sharks invade a golf course lake, and more!

1. How to Take Photos of the Milky Way, and 10 Extraordinary Examples
Here's a photography challenge for you — and even if you don't try it, these photos will make you happy

2. Floating "Noah's Ark" Capsule Saves Lives In Tsunamis
The perfect tool for surviving a disaster?


3. Bull Sharks Invade Australian Golf Course Lake
And in weird animal news today… this is a course where you want to avoid the water hazards like never before.

4. NASA-Approved Electric Airplane Flies 200 Miles in 2 Hours
Check out a video of the flight.

5. How to Make Toy Air Ships, Ray Guns and Much More from Old Tin Cans
Seriously awesome tinker toys.

6. Handmade Dutch Bike Is All-Wooden — Down To The Spokes
Even wooden wheels? This bike is the real deal.


7. Killer Whale Swims Up to Boat, Imitates Motor's Sound
Because no day is complete without watching an animal make funny sounds.

8. Hanging Mini-Greenhouse Also Doubles As Pendant Lamp
Bizarre, in a cool way.

9. How Many Slaves Work For You Every Day? Find Out With New Online Tool.
You might know your products come at a human price, but you'll probably be surprised at this number…


10. Just What We Needed Dept.: Electronic Gardening Kit
It ain't all it's clicked up to be.

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Most fun-looking home-built project I've ever seen (made for a kid, at least) was this spaceship under the stairs. So much win: []