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Man Arrested For Stealing a Glacier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Stop! Thief! That man has my glacier! Well, five tons of it, anyway. Police have arrested a man in Patagonia who was stealing a massive chunk of ice to sell as designer cubes for cocktails. How the hell do you steal a glacier, anyway?

According to the Guardian, the guy was stealing a 5,200kg chunk of ice from the glacier. He wasn't caught in the act: no, it was discovered by police in a refrigerated truck. Locals claim that the ice was worth an estimated £3,900 — I have no idea how they calculated that, sorry — and it was on its way to Santiago to be used in expensive bars.


As well as being charged with theft, the authorities are considering charging him with violation of national monuments. All for a bit of ice. Sadly, the exact details of how he carved out the ice aren't clear, but it wasn't in one large lump by the time the police found it, so I'm guessing chainsaws were involved. [The Guardian; Image: Tyler Corder]