Man "Butt-Dials" Wife, Who Frets He's Been Kidnapped So Calls in the SWAT Team

Oh, Illinois: this is too stupid to believe. A woman received a call from her husband, who unbeknownst to her had accidentally dialed her from his pocket. Believing he's been kidnapped due to the "gangster-like" music playing, she calls 911.

The man was driving along in his car, listening to rap music, probably blissfully gazing out the window and mouthing along to the lyrics. Had he known his bum was dialing his wife from his pocket, playing some muffled "gangster-like" music down the phone to her, I'm sure he would've been less chilled.


The police called in a 30-strong SWAT team to the school where the man works, bullet-proof vests, machine guns and all. There were even news choppers circling overhead, waiting for the purported hostage situation to become clear. I would've loved to have seen their faces when they realized it was all a false alarm. [Chicago Tribune via Pat's Papers via Mediaite]

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