Man discovers Dalek in the rings of a tree, claims it's Jesus

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When Bill Johnson of Midway, North Carolina noticed a strange marking in the interior of a downed tree, he thought it resembled Jesus Christ. However, anyone who's seen Doctor Who knows that this mark has a much more sinister connotation.

Mr. Johnson interpreted this mark as a sign of the divine, but from where we're sitting, it looks more like a harbinger of mass extermination. From The Winston-Salem Journal:

It all started about 10 days ago, Johnson said. A large limb had fallen from a cherry tree in his front yard. The landlord came and cut the broken limb into smaller pieces, stacking the limbs by a bench next to the tree.

Johnson said he first saw the image when he was out walking his dog, Pogo.

"I happened to look down there and I said, ‘That looks like Jesus,'" he said. "It just amazed me."

He showed the limb to his wife. Mary, without telling her what he thought the image was. She said the same thing.

Mary Johnson also pointed out something Bill Johnson had not noticed - the other end of the limb bears an image that looks somewhat like a swaddled baby in a crib. The head of that image is also in the center, so there's a halo around that one as well.


I suppose it could also be Davros upside down smoking a cigar, but that's just implausible.

[Spotted on Bleeding Cool]