Man Gives Wife World's First Mosquito-Borne STD

In what is either a medical first or the best "sorry I gave you an STD, babe" defense of all time, an American biologist has passed the rare Zika virus—received via mosquito bite—to his wife through sex.

Dr. Brian Foy was in Senegal collecting mosquito specimens, when one of them bit him. He returned with terrible fatigue and aches. Then, according to Foy's paper on the infection, "patients 1 and 3 reported having vaginal sexual intercourse in the days after patient 1 returned home but before the onset of his clinical illness." Patients 1 and 3? Foy and his wife. And that's where he alleges the infection went down—the reported "blood in his semen" might also be a tipoff. It's a fascinating story—but a little unsettling. I'll be asking any potential summer flings for a full blood test and a peek at her passport before we go back to my place. Go back to my place to play videogames! [Science]


Photo above by Brian Foy (right), posing with a mosquito collection device/giant metaphor for his wife's viral downfall.

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