Man Killed With Poisonous Umbrella

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This is really bad: a man hit with a poisonous umbrella in a street of Hannover, Germany, has died after a long struggle in the hospital. It sounds like a James Bond movie, except that it's real and it sucks. This is what happened:

The 40-year-old man was walking peacefully through Hannover when he crossed the path of a stranger carrying an umbrella. The stranger was thin and had something stuck to his face, some kind of plaster. He didn't talk to him at all. The mysterious man just passed by and then turned around to stab his victim in the back using the tip of the umbrella.

Apparently, the umbrella had a needle built in, which the killer used to inject mercury in the body of the man. He got sick shortly after that, falling into a coma a few weeks later.


The coma lasted months. Then he woke up only to die last Wednesday. The polizei are puzzled, as there seems to be no reason for the assassination.

Seriously, next person who gets anywhere near me with an umbrella gets a punch on the face. Then we can talk. [The Local]

Image by Kuzma/Shutterstock