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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Man of Steel finds its Perry White. Plus Total Recall will bring back the original's most memorable character!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Green Lantern 2 is happening...but Warner Bros. is making some changes. We've got set photos for The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. A beloved Torchwood actor is headed to next week's Warehouse 13. Is the Devil returning to Supernatural?

Spoilers from this point forward!

Top image from The Darkest Hour concept art.

Man of Steel

Laurence Fishburne has reportedly been cast as Daily Planet editor Perry White. [EW]


The Dark Knight Rises

Here are some set photos and videos, including a pretty major-looking prison break and our first look at Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. You can also see a bunch more here and here. [ and ScreenRant]


Anne Hathaway explains why she signed on as Selina Kyle:

"I went after it because it was the best role and Chris was willing to meet me. I want to be the best actress I can be and that means working with the best people and taking the most challenging roles. That's the plan so far and it's led to some really exciting places."


Green Lantern 2

Who's ready for some sequel spin? Warner Bros. president Jeff Robinov explains the two or three things they have to fix for the next Green Lantern to be a smashing success:

"We had a decent opening so we learned there is an audience. To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action...And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth."


The current scuttlebutt is that all previous sequel preparations have been more or less scrapped - the sequel outline by original movie writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim will likely be hugely reworked, if not jettisoned entirely, and director Martin Campbell is pretty much definitely not returning. [Hero Complex]

The Flash

Meanwhile, Robinov says there's a "solid script" for this movie...which is just the sort of ringing endorsement you'd want for the movie that will make us forget all about Green Lantern. Oh, and finally...


Justice League

Yes, there are still plans to make this someday. But that's just about all we know about it. [Hero Complex]


The Avengers

Here are some set photos from the Cleveland filming. The local speculation is that the building is standing in for either Stark Tower or a S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, but it could be something else entirely. [ComicBookMovie]


Total Recall

Director Len Wiseman promises that he will work in the three-breasted woman into his movie, more realistic tone be damned. He also indicated that other nods to the original film will be included, but no word on what. [The AV Club]


The Darkest Hour

[gallery 5827166] Here's a complete set of concept art for the Timur Bekmambetov produced, Moscow-set alien invasion film. []


Apollo 18


Here's a teaser poster. [Moviefone]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here's a promo and sneak peek for the next episode, "The Categories of Life."

And here are some promo photos for the episode. [SpoilerTV]

Game of Thrones

Gemma Whelan, who has previously appeared in The Wolfman and Gulliver's Travels, has reportedly been cast as Theon Greyjoy's older sister, called Asha in the books but renamed Yara to avoid sounding too similar to the already-cast Osha. The character "defies the Ironborn traditions of her family, by commanding her own ship and leading men into battle, as well as having a penchant for axes." [EW]


British theater actor Nonso Anozie has reportedly been cast as the Qartheen merchant-prince Xaro Xhoan Daxos. [Westeros]


Joshua Gomez previews what's ahead now that Morgan is the new Intersect:

"There's that whole growing process for Morgan as the intersect, and like what happened with Chuck, we don't know exactly what effect it's going to have. It, obviously, doesn't run and work in everyone's brain the same way. The potential is there for it to go a little haywire. And I'm sure - if I know these writers - I'm in trouble. I think that in true Morgan fashion - and this is a scary thing - I don't think he knows how scary it can be. He's completely gung-ho. It's something he thinks is the coolest thing ever. It's every nerd's dream, ‘I can be a superhero! Chuck, I can do it!' Chuck, meanwhile, is, like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down.'"



Ryan McPartlin reveals that Captain Awesome will be the new face of the BuyMore in season five:

"He's going to be like the Tony Robbins of the Buy More. The fact that Ellie and Awesome know about the spy world, it'll be like the A-Team and we'll help out, but only when we're absolutely needed because of the baby."


[TV Guide]

Just in case you were holding out hope for some reason, NBC president Robert Greenblatt says the show is definitely done after thirteen more episodes, and that they are currently writing towards a set series finale. [Hitfix]


Terra Nova


Fox has released a promotional poster. [SpoilerTV]

Person of Interest

Here's a trailer.

Once Upon a Time

Damages actress Anastasia Griffith has reportedly been cast in the recurring role of the "spoiled and regal" Annette. [Deadline]



According to a recent series of Tweets from the set, Mark Pellegrino is currently filming scenes, presumably as Lucifer. Probably best to treat this one with caution until we hear more. [SpoilerTV]


Warehouse 13

Here are some promo photos for the next episode, "3...2...1...", which features the return of Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells - and, far more importantly, a guest appearance by Torchwood's very own Ianto Jones, Gareth David-Lloyd. If the promo photo is anything to go by, he hasn't lost his sartorial taste since leaving Torchwood. [SpoilerTV]


Syfy is reportedly this close to renewing the show for a fourth season. [Deadline]


Here's a promo and sneak peek for the next episode, "Omega Girls."

And here's the brief description:

Jo and Zoe return to Eureka only to find the entire town incapacitated and communications cut off. Guest starring Ming-Na.



Finally, some promo photos. [SpoilerTV]


Syfy has released the titles and guest star information for the next few episodes, including a Warehouse 13 crossover next week that I didn't even realize was happening:

Episode #105 "Never Let Me Go"
Guest star: Lindsay Wagner reprises her role as Dr. Vanessa Calder from Warehouse 13.

Episode #106 "Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure"
Guest Stars: Alaina Huffman and Peter Wingfield

Episode #107 "Catch and Release"
Guest star: Summer Glau

Episode #108 "A Short Time in Paradise"
Guest star: Garret Dillahunt

Episode #109 "Blind Spot"
Guest star: Brent Spiner and Rebecca Mader


Beverly Hills 90210 actor Jason Priestly will appear in four episodes (and direct one) as Chris Weekly. Here's the Syfy description of the character:

A handsome but anti-social marine biologist who is forced to deal with an affliction most would consider a blessing - everyone suddenly loves him and will do anything he wants. Only Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) seems unaffected by Weekly's 'charms.'



Teen Wolf

Here's a short description and a promo for the next episode, "Formality":

A winter formal is held at the school; Scott struggles to protect both his friends and enemies while also keeping his secret safe from Allison.

Additional reporting by Mandy Curtis, Charlie Jane Anders, and Jonathan Wilkins.