Man Sent to Jail For Six Months For Pirating, Uh, The Love Guru

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This is embarassing. Jack Yates has been sentenced to six months in jail for pirating the horrible Mike Meyers movie The Love Guru. It might have been worth it for Star Trek, but come on, The Love Guru?

Yates was working at the Burbank distribution company hired to cut promo reels for talk shows when he made a copy of the DVD and uploaded it to the internet. Of course, he blamed his grandmother.

When confronted, Yates accused co-workers and Paramount employees of putting the contraband copy on the Internet. But videotaped footage showed Yates making the unauthorized copy of "The Love Guru" at work before leaving the building and then going into his car, Assistant U.S. Attorney Erik M. Silber said. Yates subsequently blamed his grandmother, saying that he showed the movie at her birthday party and she then gave it away to a cousin who gave it to a friend who was the former roommate of the man who is believed to have uploaded the movie, but has not yet been charged. In his plea agreement, Yates confessed to making a copy of the comedy and later distributing it to others.


A true american hero! Keep fighting that good fight! [WSJ via Gawker]