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This week at Uncrate: We begin building our own personal waterpark starting with the Six Flags Banzai Falls Mega Racer. The exquisite Qara Medico Bag gets ready for its first weekend out. We splash on a little of Diddy's Sean John Unforgivable in hopes of impressing the ladies down at the laundromat. We poop in our Aerons at how unbelievably awesome the upcoming Gnarls Barkley CD is. Everybody goes front-pocket crazy and switches over to the Slimmy wallet by Koyono. We place our order for the DVD of the never-before-seen Garbage Pail Kids cartoons. Plus, we consider adopting just so we can buy one of the bad-ass Jeep all-terrain strollers, enjoy the new Apartment Therapy book, and wish we had some stuff to tear down so we could buy the rather hardcore Stanley FatMax Xtreme Functional Utility Bar. Finally, we laugh way too much at a collection of crappy hand-drawn postcards featuring Superheroes using the bathroom.