Manny Ramirez Wearing Oakley Thumps... During a Game?

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The Oakley Thump spottings continue (and we hate the ugly, wretched excuse for eyewear, but yet we just can't stop): Boston outfielder Manny Ramirez has been busted wearing a pair during a Rangers/Red Sox game last week. The Sox are claiming there weren't any batteries inside. (Thanks, Chris and Dan!)

Manny Ramirez pimps Oakley Thumps [Woopig]
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UPDATE - Matt writes:

A little disclaimer, I hate the Red Sox just as much as I hate the Yankees, which is saying a lot. So I'm not defending Manny here, but the Thumps are the only pair of Oakleys that offer flip-up lenses, which are very useful while playing baseball and have been around in various forms for years.


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