Marantz CES Offerings

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Talk about high end audio and Marantz is always on the tip of the tongue. So it's no wonder the company is showing a broad line of new gear at CES. You may not be able to afford it, but here's what will be on the floor.

DLP Projectors-Look for three home theatre projectors using DLP technology. The VP8600 is the lowest priced product for just $5999. After that, there's the newly upgraded version of the acclaimed VP-12S4 High-Definition DLPTM Projector for $14,499 and finally, for a whopping $38,000 VSP-10S1. Also showing (with no price or ship date) is the VP-11S1, a DLP projector with full capability for all video sources to 1080p HD resolution.

PLAC Technology for "Virtually Wireless" Audio Distribution-Power Line Audio Communication (PLAC) is another area Marantz plans on showing off at CES with its new ZR6001SP system, which includes both the ZR6001 Audio/Video receiver, and the ZC4001 Client. Obviously a little high end than your Sonos system, the ZR6001SP lets you run your music to any room in your home using only existing AC power lines.


A/V Surround Sound Receivers-Five new A/V receiver will be on display, including the flagship SR9600 for $4,199. Others include more affordable products like the SR8500 for $1,599; the SR7500 for $1,099; the SR5600 for $649.99 and SR4600 for $429.99. All the receivers include a simple, elegant chassis design with aluminum front panels, 7 channels of discrete amplification, HD component video switching, component or S-video upconversion, 32-bit DSP processing and 192kHz/24-bit digital/audio converters for all channels. You'll also get Dolby Pro Logic IIx capability, surround-sound headphone processing, front panel menu control and home theater processing such as THX or HT-EQ.

DVD-Without next generation DVD players, Marantz believes its products are as good as it gets. The DV9600 is the most expensive product as $2100 and includes an advanced HDMI 1.1 interface that ensures digital video signals are fed directly to display devices without any degradation (supporting 480i output). Video scaling circuitry is also included and allows it to support upsampling to 720p, 1080i and 1080p HD formats. Other players include progressive scan Model DV7600 at $1,099, the DV6600 at $649, and the DV4600 at $299.


Dedicated Tuner-Marantz hasn't put out a dedicated audio tuner in 5 years, so the ST7001 should be special. Featuring a digitally-synthesized XM/AM/FM tuner, it obviously supports XM satellite radio using a XM Radio antenna into the XM antenna jack on the back. Retails for $450.

Platinum Standard Audio Separates-Lastly, there's there Marantz separates, including the TT-15S1, a vinyl disc turntable at $1699.99; the Model SA-15S1 SACD player for $2,099 and the integrated stereo amplifier, Model PM-15S1; and the CD5001 Compact Disc Player at $329.99. In April, you can also expect an expansion in its 2-channel audio line with the the Model PM7001 integrated amplifier at $649, and the new Model SA8001 SACD at $999.


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